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Authorized Authors

Authorized Authors Example

This example demonstrates how to only allow a fixed set of authors. It leverages the isValidClient callback which will be invoked vor every update. In case all snapshots, updates and ephemeralMessages pass the isValidClient callback and true is returned all changes are accepted. In case isValidClient returns false or an error is thrown the change is rejected. Depending on the case it's simply ignored or the document ends up in a broken stage. More details can be found at Error Handling.


  1. Select the first authorized author and add an item in the list
  2. Open another tab and select the first non-authorized author and add an item in the list

The entry will not be synced to the first tab and in the DevTool box below you can see the errors. You can also refresh and see how the document is reconstructed (except the last update was a snapshot). In this case the previous snapshot could be loaded, but that case is not handled in this example.

NOTE: Choosing the same author in multiple clients will result in errors when trying to create update in parallel.


The code for this example is located here (opens in a new tab).